These Happy Eyes

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Author: Rosenberg, Liz
ISBN: 0-9666028-5-4
Price: $12.95
Publish Date: Jan 2001
Pages: 95

Poetry. THESE HAPPY EYES is a collection of prose poems that appear to explore the quotidian (in bus windows, daily events, weather) but also resonate on a deeper field driven by emotions and the abstract qualities of life. “Not entirely happy, never entirely happy. This depression lingers like the flu. It makes it hard to face the future. Sometimes I sit on top of an old wooden crate in the attic, like the madwoman, chin sunk in my hand, just looking or breathing in and out, till eventually, always, something catches my eye and my heart leaps up for joy. It never fails me. I never know what it will be – an old man going so slowly around the block he looks like a statue come alive, the children racing behind the church, a leafless tree, snow falling at midnight making the only light in the room. Thank god. These happy, happy eyes” — Liz Rosenberg.