The Drums of Africa

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Author: Schell, Tim
ISBN: 978-1-59539-022-6
Price: $15.95
Publish Date: Aug 2007
Pages: 247

Novel. Tim Schell’s first novel is a gripping and timely tale of two young Americans, Val and Glen, arriving in Africa as Peace Corps volunteers in the 1970′s, filled with altruism, naïveté and thirst for adventure. As the line between adventure and catastrophe narrows, Schell masterfully creates a mosaic of cultural perspectives and ethical tensions between faith and its lack, politics and revolutionary coups, lust and love set against an exotic backdrop rife with sorcerers, priests, corrupt politicians, poachers, coffee farmers, Peace Corps workers and prostitutes, a place leading each character inward to unexpected self-revelation and self-sacrifice. —Melissa Pritchard