Picture a Gate Hanging Open and Let that Gate be the Sun

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Author: Mirskin, Jerry
ISBN: 0-9666028-9-7
Price: $14.95
Publish Date: March 2002
Pages: 74

Poetry. “In these luminously beautiful and deceptively simple lyrics, Jerry Mirskin evokes the things of this world-birth, death, childhood, father and son relationships, travel, work, the natural world, religion, mythology-affirming the necessity of both love and loss, the holding on and the letting go. With effortlessness and grace, in poem after memorable poem, he conveys his faith and affirmation in the face of ‘the holiness and the terror’ that make up any individual life. These are poems of succor and consolation, poems of witness and celebration, poems of patient affection and concern. They are necessary poems”-Ron Wallace.