Farm for Mutes

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Author: Anastasopoulos, Dimitri
ISBN: 978-1-59539-019-6
Price: $15.95
Publish Date: Sep 2013
Pages: 203

Fiction. What if an eavesdropper were listening to every detail of your daily life through a crafty bugging device? What if, after snooping around, he lay in wait for you? For just the right moment to visit your home? In FARM FOR MUTES, Dimitri Anastasopoulos pries into the lives of one couple—an audio restoration expert and his germaphobic wife—and their sterile but abiding love for one another. They’re aging fast, their lives accelerating toward an evolutionary moment they both hope to stall: their eavesdropping visitor allows them a final chance at harmony with the universe before he whisks one of them away. At once comic and caustic, pitiless and tender, FARM FOR MUTES takes a remorseless look at a digital age infatuated with reproduction and presentation, performance and media.