A Larger Sense of Harvey

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Author: Anastasopoulos, Dimitri
ISBN: 0-9666028-8-9
Price: $18.00
Publish Date: 2001
Pages: 413

Novel. A tale about language, love, and identity, A Larger Sense of Harvey takes a bold stand between the traditions of American metafiction and the European epic. Set in the Greek islands, Helsinki, Minsk, and even a research facility in Lapland, the novel chronicles the life of the self-styled “typer,”; divorcee, and impenitent (if impotent) observer Harvey Rocketsch. Beginning with his postwar boyhood outside Minsk, to his tenure documenting covert language research at a secret lab in the Arctic, the novel reveals the mystery behind Harvey’s death in a freak ballooning accident over the Dvina River. Though the novel is presented as a compilation of Harvey’s private journals, the question of translation-;particularly botched translation-;looms large as it becomes clear that Harvey’s personal accounts have been skewed by his friend, mentor, and colleague Martin Ambrose. Eventually Ambrose’ translations are pit against the authentic story which is revealed despite his attempts to suppress it. The result is a narrative laced with both hilarious and gently philosophical moments as Anastasopoulos goes on to consider the nature of sex, language, and male friendship.