Author: Anderson, Victoria
ISBN: 978-1-59539-033-2

Poetry. “Victoria Anderson is a poet who searches for signs and portents, warnings and prophecies, harbingers and clues. The wry, […]

Price: $12.95

Good Sumacs
Author: Grieneisen, Jeff
ISBN: 978-1-59539-011-0

Price: $13.95

Girl in Cap and Gown
Author: Levin, Harriet
ISBN: 978-1-59539-029-5

Poetry. “Harriet Levin [is] a shining poet in her generation…. The dynamics of her language and her vigorous voice distinguish […]

Price: $12.95

Mixed Diction
Author: Schiff, Jeff
ISBN: 978-1-59539-027-1

Mixed Diction is the third collection of Jeff Schiff’s poems published by MAMMOTH Press.

Price: $11.95

Moist Meridian
Author: Hughes, Henry
ISBN: 978-1-59539-026-4

With a nod to Melville s mutual, joint-stock world, in all meridians, Henry Hughes joins savagery and civilization, sex and […]

Price: $11.95

In Flagrante Delicto
Author: Mirskin, Jerry
ISBN: 978-1-59539-025-7

“These brilliant poems virtually flash with the life force. They affirm that joy is what we are meant to experience, despite […]

Price: $11.95

Demon Love
Author: Rosenberg, Liz
ISBN: 978-1-59539-023-3

Poems of love, family, and the larger world. “Liz Rosenberg has chronicled the life of love-its suffering and its sustaining […]

Price: $11.95

Too Much of this World
Author: Murphy, Erin
ISBN: 978-1-59539-024-0

Poems that “delight and teach by poking fun: at poets giving readings, Burger King signs, poetry contests, and men who […]

Price: $11.95

To William Merwin: A Poem
Author: Heyen, William
ISBN: 978-1-59539-020-2

A reminiscent tribute to a friend in Maui. William Heyen was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is Professor of […]

Price: $11.95

Men Holding Eggs
Author: Hughes, Henry
ISBN: 978-1-59539-001-1

A refreshingly accessible collection of narrative poetry describing the love, violence, and fragility of men’s lives. Beginning with young adventures […]

Price: $10.95

The Palace of Reasons
Author: Minar, Scott
ISBN: 978-1-59539-002-8

A Collection of original poetry based on readings in John Simpson’s The Oxford Book of Exile. Subjects include The Holocaust, exile, […]

Price: $10.95

The House of Sages
Author: Terman, Philip
ISBN: 978-1-59539-008-0

Jewish Studies. In this revised first collection of poetry the Terman’s speaker carries himself without skin, absorbing the particulars of […]

Price: $10.95

Book of the Unbroken Days
Author: Terman, Philip
ISBN: 978-1-59539-007-3

“Here is a poetry of the inward voice, of the eye sharply trained on the outside world. There is a […]

Price: $10.95

Burro Heart
Author: Schiff, Jeff
ISBN: 978-1-59539-006-6

Jeff Schiff is author of Anywhere in this Country (Mammoth books), The Homily of Infinitude (Pennsylvania Review Press), The Rats of Patzcuaro (Poetry Link), and Resources for […]

Price: $10.95

Author: Knorr, Jeff
ISBN: 978-1-59539-009-7

Mixed Genre. In this mingling of essays and poems Jeff Knorr takes us on metaphoric fishing journeys down rivers, to […]

Price: $10.95

Nightshift Belonging to Lorca
Author: Dougherty, Sean Thomas
ISBN: 978-0-9718059-9-6

Steeped in the experiential world, often formal and experimental in the same breath, award winning performance poet Sean Thomas Dougherty’s […]

Price: $

The Rope
Author: Heyen, William
ISBN: 978-0-9718059-4-1

THE ROPE’s poems about life and the world around him explore “the central questions that confront us in the 21st […]

Price: $10.95

Graffiti Heart
Author: LaFemina, Gerry
ISBN: 978-0-9718059-8-9

Following in the tradition of Larry Levis’s Winter Stars, Gerry LaFemina’s GRAFFITI HEART presents a collection of elegies and love […]

Price: $10.95

Picture a Gate Hanging Open and Let that Gate be the Sun
Author: Mirskin, Jerry
ISBN: 0-9666028-9-7

Poetry. “In these luminously beautiful and deceptively simple lyrics, Jerry Mirskin evokes the things of this world-birth, death, childhood, father […]

Price: $14.95

Subjects for Other Conversations
Author: Stigall, John
ISBN: 0-9666028-6-2

Poetry. John Stigall’s fourth book of poetry extends and deepens his concerns with growing older, investigating his past identity as […]

Price: $12.95

These Happy Eyes
Author: Rosenberg, Liz
ISBN: 0-9666028-5-4

Poetry. THESE HAPPY EYES is a collection of prose poems that appear to explore the quotidian (in bus windows, daily […]

Price: $12.95

The Never Wife
Author: Hogue, Cynthia
ISBN: 0-9666028-4-6

Poetry. “I drive into an August tropic rain./ The road’s behind a waterfall and I’m/ hunched squinting like a crone/ […]

Price: $12.95