Farm for Mutes
Author: Anastasopoulos, Dimitri
ISBN: 978-1-59539-019-6

Fiction. What if an eavesdropper were listening to every detail of your daily life through a crafty bugging device? What […]

Price: $15.95

The Drums of Africa
Author: Schell, Tim
ISBN: 978-1-59539-022-6

Novel. Tim Schell’s first novel is a gripping and timely tale of two young Americans, Val and Glen, arriving in […]

Price: $15.95

Flicker in the Porthole Glass
Author: Desautels, Edward
ISBN: 0-9718059-0-3

Novel. Jack Ruineux, projectionist at a run-down movie theater in Philadelphia, struggles to reconcile Hollywood imagery with his dreary quotidian […]

Price: $17.95

A Larger Sense of Harvey
Author: Anastasopoulos, Dimitri
ISBN: 0-9666028-8-9

Novel. A tale about language, love, and identity, A Larger Sense of Harvey takes a bold stand between the traditions […]

Price: $18.00

Counting Zero
Author: Kress, Dave
ISBN: 0-9666028-2-X

Fiction. Kress’s first novel reminds us how intelligent a form the novel can be, in the right hands. COUNTING ZERO […]

Price: $20.00